Surely you have a friend who goes a little too far when it comes to posting stories on Instagram all the time (we all like avocado, but that's enough of photos of toast). Since you are not going to unfollow them, now you can  mute people on Instagram  very easily.

It's a new way to control what you see in your Instagram feed. Muting an account  will stop you from seeing their posts and stories , but  you will still be able to see posts on their profile page  and receive notifications about comments or posts you're tagged in.

Obviously, it goes without saying that  those accounts won't know you've muted them .

How to Stop Seeing Stories and Posts Without Unfollowing Someone on Instagram

To  mute an account on Instagram , do the following:

  • Tap the  '…'  button in the top right corner of the profile you want to stop viewing.
  • Press  Mute .
  • Here you will be able to choose between  muting posts, stories, or both .


You can always remove the option all mute profiles by following the same steps.

If you cannot see the option to  mute Instagram profiles,  it is because it is being launched little by little, but in a matter of days, it will appear in the menu.

Instagram Stories began to be published on WhatsApp.

Last October, Facebook expanded the use of Instagram stories by making it easier to post those videos and photos directly to its own social network. Now, Facebook is studying how to incorporate  Instagram stories into WhatsApp as  well.

This is how the first instastories were published on WhatsApp.

Media such as Techcrunch report that some users in Brazil are seeing  a new experimental tool  that gives them the option of posting Instagram stories to WhatsApp's Status feature.

In a Brazilian blog, we have been able to see a screenshot of an Instagram Story in which the tool is displayed in the lower-left corner of the interface:



The main reasons for Facebook to carry out this change

There are a few reasons why Facebook may be interested in making Instagram Stories more shareable,  specifically on WhatsApp.

  • The first one seems quite logical: to give even more options and therefore, I use Instagram Stories, which far exceed Snapchat's.
  • The second reason could be to help  stimulate more use of WhatsApp Statuses  since hardly anyone posts directly to them (just like on Facebook).
  • The third (and perhaps most interesting) reason to try this feature is that Facebook has constantly been working on ways to not only extend the time spent in specific apps but also  how to better get people out of a proprietary app. Facebook to another , encouraging its use even when the applications are not open.

Having seen these latest movements of Facebook, it is clear to us that the company wants the famous videos and ephemeral photos  to be published mainly on Instagram , so we leave you with a few applications with which to take your Instagram Stories to another level,